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Yamaha YC88 88-key Stage Keyboard

Description from Sweetwater sound

The Yamaha YC88 packs all the character of vintage combo organs and more into a gig-friendly, compact 88-key stage piano. Using Yamaha’s proprietary Virtual Circuit Modeling, the YC88 is one of the most lifelike-sounding analog organ emulations on the market, and it comes stocked with a large selection of additional instrument voices and killer onboard effects. Designed to please discerning pianists, the YC88 is ideal for today’s performing keyboardists who prefer to run the show from one fully weighted piano keyboard. The YC88’s triple-sensor hammer-action keybed and physical drawbars are highly responsive and rewarding to play and manipulate. While the YC88 is vintage in character, it boasts all the functionality and reliability of a modern digital instrument, with vast customization options and computer audio integration for audio recording, playback, and MIDI control. Keyboardists at Sweetwater are blown away by the YC88. A compelling drawbar organ packed with great sounds and performance features, the YC88 has the right stuff to be the top-tier keyboard in your live and studio rigs.

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