• Dylan Mckerchie

When New Guitar Day Goes Wrong.

New Guitar Day is the greatest day when you are a guitar player. For most of us “NGD” does not come around very often. Usually, it is the culmination of months or years of saving and trading and dreaming about the next guitar. You walk into the local guitar shop or log in to your favorite online retailer to plop down or swipe that hard-earned cash and turn it into what you hope to be “the one”. You get your dream guitar out of the box, tune it up, and it just is not quite right. What Now?

It has happened to all of us. The disappointment of our dream guitar having a sharp fret end, or the action not being quite right. Maybe there is one high fret, or the nut makes a funny noise on one string. These are all common issues on new guitars from many different brands, price points, and countries of origin. Fortunately, there are small inexpensive adjustments we can make ourselves that will have our dream guitar playing like we expected in no time.

We recently reviewed a Fender Roadhouse Deluxe Stratocaster that had a few of the common issues that we often see on even the best new guitars. It inspired me to shoot a series where we look at these common issues and correct them. These small adjustments can usually be done ourselves with very basic tools. When we are done, our dream guitar that we worked so hard for will be just as amazing as we hoped.

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