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Roland FP-90X Digital Piano

Description from Sweetwater sound

The Roland FP-90X is the flagship of the latest generation of the company’s award-winning FP series digital pianos, and it benefits from decades of cutting-edge technological development to bring you a refined acoustic grand piano playing experience at home, onstage, or in the studio. Roland’s acclaimed PureAcoustic Piano Modeling sound engine with limitless polyphony delivers stunningly authentic sound and response. Your fingers will savor the sumptuous touch of Roland’s PHA-50 keyboard with Escapement and Ebony/Ivory Feel keys, as the FP-90X’s onboard speaker system fills the room with a rich, powerful sound that’s ideal for home playing and intimate live performances. Enhance your music with sounds curated from Roland’s flagship instruments, and shape them to perfection with the built-in effects engine. The FP-90X also boasts educational features such as Dual, Split, and Twin Piano keyboard modes and dual headphone outputs with breathtaking Headphones Acoustic Projection technology, as well as generous connectivity with audio and MIDI via Bluetooth and USB, for wireless streaming to and from your smart device and integration with your computer-based DAW setup.

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