• Rick Mulholland

Ricky's Picks from Spotify: #0002 | 03/21

It's time for another episode of Ricky's Picks. Featuring little known, underappreciated or just unknown bands in America. There’s maybe even an actual hit in the playlist.

Grab a drink. It's back. Get ready to rock along!

The Young Hearts – “Still Wander”

Nice UK band with solemn lyrics – accompanied by a pumping beat. They’ve been around for a bit, but now they’ve hit their stride. “Still Wander” has a big guitar-driven hook backed by passionate energy. Melodies abound!

The Moon City Masters – “Takin’ It Back”

Sunny day vocals over a funky vibe – dare not to smile while cranking this tune. Just tap your foot and away you go. “Takin’ It Back” sounds like true AM Gold in 2021 – break out the corniest disco moves you know! A true throwback anthem that’ll make you forget it’s raining outside.

Mammoth WVH – “You’re to Blame”

Chugging rocker with an early 2000’s vibe. Originally played as background music during Wolfgang Van Halen’s interview with Howard Stern, “You’re to Blame” is part of an album that’s been put together over the last five years. A catchy riff that has freight-train style. If you’re a fan of Shinedown or Alter Bridge – you’ll definitely get into this.

The Cadillac Three – “Road Soda”

“She’s sweeter than the sweet tea.” Now THAT is sweet. And it doesn’t get any more Southern than this. Rock guitars paired with Country-style lyrics. Throw in some nostalgia overtones with a funky twist. It’s all here - with depth and nuance.

Hot Breath – “Bad Feeling”

Annnnnndddd here we go! Take The Runaways, Suzi Quatro, and Deep Purple – throw them in a blender and you have “Bad Feeling.” Gotta love the energetic garage feel as well. “Bad Feeling” wouldn’t be out of place in the 70’s London rock scene, either. Put a pin through your cheek, wear a dog collar and bounce around. Johnny Rotten would be proud.

The Dust Coda – “Jimmy 2 Times”

A gnarly – yet still sleek – tune with a gritty narrative. With just a hint of brass in the background. Rooted in a hard-hitting blues/soul sound, “Jimmy 2 Times” possesses a kaleidoscope of dust and destruction. A cool groove as well.

King King – “Never Give In”

Picture Bad Company if they were from Texas. Glasgow’s King King had been a staple on the UK touring scene - before Covid-19 ruined everything. “Never Give In” sounds organic and convincing. A true classic feeling mid-tempo rock song with panache and good ol’ boy grace. Hard to believe King King does not come from Austin, TX.

Johnny Monaco – “LA Vacation”

With a pre-chorus that really takes off, “LA Vacation” sounds almost like what a very young Elvis Costello would have written if he had been raised in California. Wait a minute – does the song have a true chorus? Doesn’t matter. Creative storytelling with a beat you can…can…dance to! Yeah – that’s it! Not a recent release – but a recent discovery. Light and airy but driving at the same time.

PJ Farley – “Let It Rain”

Jazzy in a Fiona Apple sort of way - and wonderfully laid back. You might want to sit down and sip some wine while listening to this one. Hooky guitar parts kick in to add to the song's layers. You'll be swaying along in no time.

The Dead Daisies – “Holy Ground (Shake the Memory)”

Rock royalty abound! Here’s a moody yet still up-tempo rocker by a gang of music industry veterans. Still one of the best vocalists in the biz, Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Trapeze, Hughes/Thrall) delivers a soulful performance with a hint of urgency. But the true highlight is Doug Aldrich’s solo that hits you like a stun gun. It really gets your attention. Most classic rock acts these days follow a safe and boring path.

Thunder – “Last One Turn Out the Lights”

Another thumper from some well-experienced Manchester lads – showing the kids how to do it! Tasteful vocals (by Danny Bowes) paired with Luke Morley’s growling guitar reminds rock aficionados of the memorable old days. A good rock band never goes out of style. It’s a gas and a giggle.

Be Well,