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Ricky's Picks from Spotify: #0001 | 02/21

Updated: Jan 28

The impact of Covid-19 on society was both unexpected and turbulent. Through it all, there’s one constant that – thanks to smartphones – can follow you anywhere. And that is music!

The debut of Ricky’s Picks is mostly a collection of mood changing songs. Our purpose is to introduce our followers to something new or not yet quite mainstream.

Are you ready? Here we go!

Nick Perri & the Underground Thieves – “White Noise”

“White Noise” possesses bright vocal harmonies that sound like a sunny day coming out of your speakers. It’s music that’s shaped and molded by the spirit of the 70’s. Also adding character to the track is Perri’s outstanding guitar work paired with an almost perfect sax solo.

Cats in Space – “ I Fell Out of Love with Rock n Roll”

Seattle changed the music scene for the 90’s, and this BIG and BOLD anthem looks back at that time with equal parts anger and kindness. Part ELO. Part Meatloaf. Part Queen. But all fun! Damien Edwards’ already incredible vocals seem like they’ve found a new dimension.

The Lickerish Quartet – “Fadoodle”

Equal parts whimsical and subversive, this silly romp has impressive harmonic structures paired with tasteful but deeply impressive musicianship. How can you sing along without giggling? But don’t let their name fool you – there’s only three members!

Shadow & the Thrill – “Crazy”

A modern blues infused, groove laden rock band that comes from the streets of Los Angeles and New Orleans. This brilliant – and slightly more subdued - remake of Gnarls Barkley’s HUGE hit is salvation that will soothe your soul.

Jeremy Edge – “Firedancer”

Former Candlelight Red guitarist Jeremy Edge is quickly establishing himself as an axe slinging guitarist/singer - expanding his musical horizons beyond hard rock. A blistering guitar intro segues into a funky vibe and gracious, soulful singing. It’s as if Billy Gibbons and Richie Blackmore had a baby!

Brother Osbourne – “Hatin’ Somebody”

There’s too much hate in the world these days. This little ditty will make you want to hug your friends, enemies AND adversaries. A true look at the brighter side of life during such tough times.

Christopher Shane – “Any Given Sunday”

Lust. Religion. A Hangover. If this is how you spend the weekend, then this is your anthem.

Shark Island - “Paris Calling”

Haunting remake of their iconic Sunset Strip cult classic. This got them on MTV and radio “back in the day.” Thanks to world conditions, it’s a melancholy song of yearning instead of a foot stomper that the original was.

Adrian Smith/Richie Kotzen – “Taking my Chances”

Richie Kotzen’s singing and guitar skills make any style of song great. Here’s another very cool addition to his vast catalog of great works. Add in Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith, and you have one original one-two punch of swirling sounds. Both guitarists have a strong appreciation for blues - which shines through the start/stop riffing swagger. You don’t want it to end.

Tuk Smith & The Restless Hearts “Same Old You”

Utilizing the same California New Wave meets Power Pop approach as Candy (“Whatever Happened to Fun”), Tuk has a real toe-taper here. A throwback to the 80’s.

The Georgia Thunderbolts – “Looking for An Old Friend”

Southern-fried rock in the spirit of Skynrd, Allman Brothers and The Outlaws (“Green Grass and High Tides” version). Throw in some Neil Young, Hank Williams, Jr. and Little feat for good measure. It’s a perfect cocktail of southern influence from the good ol’ days. Here’s a good dose of old-fashioned melancholy with a strong twist of optimism. Makes you want to sip on a bourbon and think about the one that got away.

Low Cut Connie – “Private Lives”

Part White Stripes. Part Crowded House classic Motown. This wouldn’t be out of place on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack.

The Reign – “Emotional Design”

A tale of heartbreak and romantic woe – set to a toe-tapping beat! The drive of Cheap Trick mixed with a Laurel Canyon 70’s vibe. It makes you wish you were cruising the Pacific Coast Highway with the top down.

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