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Jackson Audio FUZZ Modular Fuzz Pedal

Description from From Sweetwater sound

If you consider yourself a fuzz pedal connoisseur, the Jackson Audio FUZZ was created with you in mind. This hyper-versatile stompbox delivers the full gamut of gritty textures, from vintage-style fuzz at lower settings to snarling, spitting cacophony at higher settings. Plus, it cleans up exquisitely when you lower your guitar’s volume. A powerful 3-band, fully parametric EQ offers surgical sonic sculpting — your fuzz tones will never get lost in the mix again! Plus, by virtue of the FUZZ’s built-in octave effect, you’ll be able to nail early Hendrix-inspired tones with ease. You can also use the FUZZ to add a tone-bending boost to the front end of your amp. Beyond that, the FUZZ employs Jackson Audio’s modular, analog plug-in design, enabling you to replace the pedal’s fuzz circuit with a variety of modern- and vintage-style fuzzes. The FUZZ includes two analog plug-ins, Modern Fuzz and Fuzz Classic/Vintage, to get you started (additional plug-ins are sold separately). With this many options on tap, Jackson Audio’s the FUZZ may be the last fuzz pedal you ever need.

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